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Rose Hawking

Titan 8 Titanium-swivels

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The new TITAN 8 titanium swivels are an important part of our Pineo designs.  The swivels are stronger than previous models and have been refined. The new TITAN 8 swivels feature optimized, fully sculpted rings. The connecting pins on all three sizes are 20% larger in diameter than the original iconic titanium swivels. Wall thickness on the rings in the new swivels is now 50% thicker on the base and tapers smoothly up to .055″ at the apex, 10% thicker than the originals. The finish on the TITAN 8 is the best we’ve ever achieved. Made in the USA.

Sizing Guidelines:


Small (13mm or ½”):  For both micro-hawks, and for large hawks tethered with leashes with swivels braided in-line.


Medium (16mm or 5/8"): For medium-sized hawks and falcons, tethered with leashes that include extenders.


Large (16mm x 20mm or 5/8” x ¾”):  For use with large hawks and falcons, and can be used when directly attaching the swivel to bulkier jesses, i.e., without using a swivel extender.

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