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Rose Hawking

Titanium Swivels

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Pineo Titan Swivels

Rose Hawking is proud to provide the falconry community with Pineo-designed titanium swivels. Based on Pineo’s design specifications, these swivels are 100% titanium and arguably the lightest, strongest falconry swivels available anywhere. 

Made in three sizes, the swivels’ characteristics are as follows:


Purpose: Designed for micro-hawks and falcons; the small swivel also works well for larger hawks tethered with leashes that have incorporated the swivel braided into the leash line. 

Weight: 1.8 grams (g) or 0.063 ounces (oz)

Maximum Load: 118 kilograms (kgs) or 260 pounds (lbs)


Purpose: Designed for medium-sized hawks and falcons, tethered with leashes that include jess extenders. 

Weight: 3.2 g or 0.112 oz

Maximum Load: 167 kgs or 368 lbs


Purpose: Designed for large hawks and falcons. It can be used when directly attaching the swivel to bulkier jesses – i.e., without jess extenders. 

Weight: 3.6 g or 0.0126 oz

Maximum Load: 173 kgs or 379 lbs

The Strength of Titanium
We contracted a metallurgical testing laboratory to test the tensile strength of our swivels. The tensile strength measures the maximum load the swivels can support before the point of failure. The lab results, which are included with the description of each swivel below, indicate our titanium swivels are extremely strong, certainly stronger than jesses could ever be. 


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