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Double Thick Gauntlet Gloves

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We produce these gauntlets in goatskin for their superior combination of suppleness, toughness, and durability. We line the cuff of these gauntlets with a beautiful sueded split cow to add just the right amount of body. Despite its heavy thickness, this is an extremely comfortable gauntlet. Made in the USA.

“D” Ring kits and Scissor Snaps are sold separately. Please email us if you would like us to attach a “D” Ring or Scissor Snap to your glove for an additional $20.00.

 Sizing Guidelines:

Small: 7-inches to 81/2-inches

Medium: 9-inches to 10-inches

Large: 10-inches to 12-inches 

How to size your hand:

Measure around your palm with a string or tape measure. The measurement in inches is your gauntlet size. See photos for an example or email us a scan of your hand tracing.

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