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Rose Hawking

Slot Swivel

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Slot Swivel

Purpose: Based on the Pineo Titan swivel, the Slot Swivel has a unique design with the leash threaded through a slot on one of the swivel rings, allowing the leash button to sit snuggly within the ring. This is an added safety measure, helping to ensure the leash button does not impinge on the swivel’s movement.

Weight:   3.8 g or 0.134 oz

Maximum Load: 216 kg or 476 lbs

The Strength of Titanium
We contracted a metallurgical testing laboratory to test the tensile strength of our swivels. The tensile strength measures the maximum load the swivels can support before the point of failure. The lab results, which are included with the description of each swivel below, indicate our titanium swivels are extremely strong, certainly stronger than jesses could ever be.


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