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Bandolero® Hawking Bag

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Our design criteria for the BANDOLERO® Hawking Bag are the same as for the AVATAR Hawking Vest. Like the AVATAR, the BANDOLERO is built from 1000 denier USA-made DuPont Cordura nylon and military specification fittings and closures. We offer the BANDOLERO® Hawking Bag in Coyote TanLoden, and Black. Made in the USA.

Sizing Guidelines:


  • For those smaller in stature including petit women, young folks, and falconers not requiring the volume afforded by the Standard size.
  • The bag is about 20% smaller than the Standard size. It includes all the same compartments and features of the standard size. 


  • Can easily accommodate a couple of jackrabbits or mallards.
  • The fully adjustable shoulder strap on the compact is the same size length used for the Standards size.


  • Easy one-handed access to all compartments.
  • Big main compartment with genuine YKK brand nylon self-repairing zipper closure, and mesh panels to keep training birds well ventilated and cool.
  • Roomy front compartment with a zippered pocket in a flap.
  • Four compartments total.
  • Totally bilateral, BANDOLERO® drapes naturally over either shoulder and fits closely to the body. An adjustable, quick-snap elastic waist belt makes running and passing through wire fences as easy as with the AVATAR® vest. (A waist belt extender is available).
  • BANDOLERO® accepts the Hood Holster just where you want it, and has two handy “D” rings for looping jesses, hawk and dog leashes, etc.
  • The integral shoulder strap has a non-slip pad and is adjustable for all
    sizes of game hawkers.

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